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Most Comprehensive Resource For Dentists

Dentistry is a field that is always evolving. Dr. Aashutosh Karnik and Dr. Anita Karwa-Karnik are proud to launch an academy that teaches the art and science of dentistry in an easy to understand, interactive format. Just as with their dental practice, the focus of Dental Trends Classroom is quality rather than quantity.

With extensive work in the broad field of Restorative Dentistry encompassing Periodontics, Proshodontics, Implantology, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, Dr. Aashutosh Karnik and Dr. Anita Karwa-Karnik form a team that can offer unparalleled content that can only be the result of years of two dental specialists working together. Dental Trends Classroom essentially focuses on two ends of the dental education spectrum: the “Back to Basic” modules, and the “Touch the Sky” modules. As the names suggest, our courses will help you consolidate your foundation in dentistry and also help you incorporate advanced procedures in your practice.


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