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Dental Trends is a collaborative effort between two dental specialists, Dr. Aashutosh Karnik and Dr. Anita Karwa-Karnik. Their fields of specialization uniquely equip them to provide comprehensive dental care. Their fields complement each other especially well in the practice of Dental Implants, since both their specialties contribute heavily to Implant Dentistry. At Dental Trends, our aim is to provide the latest and the best in dental and oral healthcare, always.

Dr. Aashutosh Karnik

M.D.S. (Periodontics)

Dr. Aashutosh Karnik earned his Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree from Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai in 2006. He followed his passion for excellence by earning his Master of Dental Surgery Degree from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai in 2010, specializing in Periodontics, the science of surgeries of gums, securing highest marks in the university. Currently he enjoys practising dentistry with special emphasis on Appearance-related Dentistry and Dental Implants. He also maintains a keen interest in reading, writing and technology.

Dr. Anita Karwa-Karnik

M.D.S. (Prosthodontics)

Dr. Anita Karwa-Karnik earned her Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai in 2007. Her quest for perfection led her to specialize in Prosthodontics, the science of replacement of missing teeth. She earned her Master of Dental Surgery Degree in 2011 from V. S. Dental College, Bangalore. Presently she excels in the field of Rehabilitation of Missing Teeth with focus on Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants. She also avidly follows music, dance and is particularly fond of drawing.



Dr. Nilesh Firake

M.D.S. (Endodontics)

Dr. Neeraj Rohida

M.D.S. (Orthodontics)

Dr. Parag Kasar

M.D.S. (Pedodontics)

Dr. Tejas Mhatre

M.D.S. (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)

Dr. Aashutosh and Dr. Anita are ably assisted in their work by their team.