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Come Home to Quality Dental Treatment

Dental Trends invites NRI and Overseas Patients returning home to avail of exceptionally superior dental treatment. One of the principles that guide us and forms our practice philosophy is to make sure that we follow international standards of dental and oral care in treating all our patients. We continuously update our knowledge, equipment and armamentarium in keeping with the advances in dental science on a global level. As connoisseurs of internationally acclaimed quality products, NRI and Overseas Patients will find Dental Trends to be the most ideal destination for getting the best dental treatment.

International Standards. Indian Identity. Zero exploitation.

At Dental Trends, we don’t believe in superfluous business models like Dental Tourism. Dental tourism typically consists of Dentists treating patients from foreign countries at fees that are marginally lower than what these patients would’ve paid for if they were to take treatment abroad. At the same time, however, the Dentist’s fees for foreign patients are substantially higher than those for the natives. We don’t believe in exploiting the paying capacity of patients coming to us from other countries by charging them higher fees than what we’d take from local patients. And that’s because Dentistry is our passion, not our business. We are, however, willing to go the extra mile by expediting the treatment duration within limits of feasibility, even if it means we have to work Sundays. And we do it because we love the challenge the time limit presents to us. With Dental Trends, patients from countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada can rest assured that they will not be taken advantage of, just because Dentistry in all these places costs more.

Faster Treatment. Superior Techniques. Advantage You.

So how do we exactly deliver tangibly better treatment in shorter time? Through a combination of advanced innovation and sheer hard work. We fire our diagnostic acumen and treatment planning instincts on all cylinders to present to you a schedule that fits your convenience and gives you the best possible results. Our usual working style involves accomplishing substantial amount of work in a given appointment. That’s why you’ll find that treatment sessions at Dental Trends are relatively long. We, however, make sure that they don’t get taxing for our patients. We involve various dental specialists right from the stage of treatment planning to provide you efficient and superior quality treatment. The result of this overall collaboration is speedy, comfortable and precise dentistry for you.