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A lovely set of pearly whites is desired by everyone, right? At Dental Trends, we offer a large range of services that give you a beautiful smile that everyone deserves.

Smile Design & Smile Makeovers

Smile designing is a specialized process in which a detailed analysis of the various aspects of your smile is performed. This includes your teeth – their shade, shape, alignment, position; amount of gums that are visible on smiling; smile line and the lips; facial midline and how it relates to your dental midline and a multitude of other factors.

Impressions of your teeth are made and study models are prepared. The proposed changes are first worked upon on these study models in tooth-coloured wax in order to give you a peek into what the treatment outcome is likely to look like. Once you give your consent and get ready for the most profound change that dentistry can offer, we go ahead with the treatment. It usually consists of numerous dental specialists working in tandem.

And exactly who all can get a smile makeover? Well, just about anyone and everyone! Be it for a special occasion or just to gift yourself some happiness and confidence, a smile makeover at Dental Trends will certainly add the extra dazzle in your life.

Veneers and Laminates



Want a stable, quick and esthetic solution to your not so perfectly aligned teeth? Welcome to the world of dental veneers!

Veneers and laminates are thin shells of ceramic or composite material that are placed on the outer surface of your teeth. Composite veneers can be made chairside or in the laboratory. They definitely serve well but do have some inherent shortcomings in terms of shade stability, polishability and longevity. Ceramic veneers that are made in the dental laboratory afford a greater amount of control and precision over the shade, shape, translucency and overall finesse in the finished product.

As veneers involve shaping only one surface of your tooth, they are a very conservative treatment option. They can be used to bring about an improvement in tooth alignment, to treat mild discoloration of teeth, to correct awkwardly shaped teeth, and also to close gaps between teeth. So what are you waiting for?

Tooth Whitening (Bleaching)

Tooth whitening is a procedure in which a bleaching agent mild enough to be used on the teeth, is applied to lighten the shade of your teeth. Dental Trends offers multiple solutions for tooth whitening: Home Tooth Whitening and Office Tooth Whitening.

Home Tooth Whitening

In this procedure, you will be given a tray and a bleaching agent. Your treatment will start with initial photographs and shade taking. You will be instructed to dispense the bleaching agent in the tray and keep the tray in your mouth overnight. This modality uses milder bleaching agents and hence the results are a bit slow to come by. Also, it depends heavily on your compliance with application of the agent.

Office Tooth Whitening

In a session or two that last typically for a little above an hour, your teeth are whitened using bleaching solutions that are stronger than the ones used in Home Tooth Whitening. The results using this technique are fast.


  1. What are the post-operative instructions?
  2. If you are a smoker, do not smoke for 48 hours. Stay away from highly colored foods (red sauce, blueberries, etc.) and beverages (coffee, tea, etc.) for 48 hours.

  3. Will I experience sensitivity after tooth whitening?
  4. Mild sensitivity to hot or cold liquids may occur. This usually passes within 1-2 days. If sensitivity is severe or persists, contact us. If you experience gum sensitivity do not brush the afflicted area while brushing your teeth.

  5. Are tooth whitening results permanent?
  6. Immediate whitening results can be quite dramatic due to minor dehydration of your teeth. It is normal for the color to tone down somewhat after treatment when your teeth rehydrate to a natural white tone.

    Long term results vary from patient to patient. This can depend on the original shade of your teeth and include habits such as smoking or drinking colored beverages (red wine, coffee, tea, etc.)

    “Touch-up” treatments may be needed every 6-12 months to retain color.

  7. Will my existing fillings also whiten?
  8. Existing fillings, crowns, bonding, etc. will not whiten. Therefore, these may need to be changed in order to match your new smile.

Dental Jewellery

Skyce ® from Ivoclar Vivadent are jewels, which are specially designed for teeth. Skyce ® comes in two different sizes in the colour ”crystal”. We do a smile analysis to decide which crystal size will look best on your teeth.

Skyce ® does not harm your teeth. The jewellery is applied to teeth in the same way as orthodontic brackets – a procedure which has been around for a long time. Your teeth do not have to be cut or drilled. First, we will carefully clean a small spot on your tooth to make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Then, we will apply a special fluid to this spot in order to microscopically roughen the tooth surface. This enables the adhesive to stick properly.

Next, we will place the stone on your tooth and dry the adhesive with blue light. In some cases, small amounts of adhesive residue may have to be removed, but this procedure – like the rest of the treatment – is painless. If in the future you no longer want the tooth jewellery, we can easily remove it.


Some of us have gums which are naturally dark and pigmented. If the gums are seen while smiling, the darker colour of the gums can create a mismatch with the lip colour. Your gums can be made pink using a simple procedure called Depigmentation. An initial analysis will be followed by the procedure that typically takes 30 minutes. 2 weeks later, a reassessment is made and areas with persistent pigmentation are revised. To maintain stable results, “Touch-up” sessions may be required from time to time.

Plastic Surgery for Gums



Faulty toothbrushing habits and malpositioning of teeth can result in recession of gums. Our gum specialist can employ various Plastic Surgical Techniques to cover up the recessed gums. The end result is healthier, easier to maintain and more esthetic looking smile.

Facial Aesthetics with Botox

Wrinkles and facial lines result from ageing, muscle activity (and over-activity) and your genetic predisposition. In addition, excessive sun exposure, alcohol consumption, smoking, emotional and hormonal influences can also increase the likelihood of wrinkles. While you may be able to reduce or control some of the factors, you cannot influence all factors and that’s why we all develop some wrinkles as we age. We offer professional consultations and treatments to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles to help make you look younger!


Botulinum is a substance that is produced by a bacteria; it is then highly refined, purified, diluted and used in therapeutic doses. Botulinum is administered by injecting it into a specific facial muscle where it acts as a muscle relaxant.

Anyone can benefit from botulinum toxin, both men and women. Botulinum is most effective in improving lines or wrinkles due to facial expressions; for example, worry lines or frown lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows. This is because these lines are usually caused by overactive muscles and the treatment stops these muscles from contracting and causing the wrinkles.


  1. Who should not take botox treatment?
  2. You should not have treatment with botulinum if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have a neurological disease or a known hypersensitivity to it.

  3. How long does the treatment take?
  4. In most cases the treatment will take between 10 and 20 minutes. Effects will begin to appear very quickly within 48 to 72 hours, although the full extent of the treatment may not be visible for up to 10 days. Approximately two weeks after the first treatment, the effects will be reviewed and any further treatments or top-ups can be discussed.

  5. Is the treatment uncomfortable?
  6. Very tiny needles are used and only small amounts are administered. As a result any discomfort is usually minimal and short-lived, that’s why there is no need for local anaesthesia.

  7. Are there any adverse effects?
  8. In a small number of cases there may be some localised bruising, slight swelling, or redness at the site of the injection. This usually disappears very quickly and can respond to the application of a cool pack to the area. A temporary drooping eyelid has also occurred in some patients. See the manufacturer’s information for rare side effects.
    Botulinum has been used in thousands of patients over the last fifteen years. It is made in a controlled laboratory environment, highly purified, and administered in tiny quantities. It has an excellent safety profile.