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At Dental Trends, straightening your teeth with braces is fun! Forget the days when painful metallic braces and wires showed through your grin. Forget about smiling conservatively even when you wanted to laugh your heart out.

With various state-of-the art treatment options like ceramic braces that are tooth coloured hence difficult to spot, and lingual braces that are placed on the inner side of teeth, we make you smile, both during and after treatment! And did we mention you need not be a school going or collegian teenager to get your teeth straightened? Even adults have aesthetic treatment needs, and we love to give everyone’s smile a makeover, without compromising on their day-to-day routine.

How Is It Done?

Our Orthodontist, the specialist for wires and braces, will first assess your smile using models of your teeth, x-rays and, occasionally, CT Scans. He will then place braces on your teeth to move them gently in the most perfect position that is possible to achieve in your case. The treatment typically lasts for a year and half to two years and involves around 15 visits, once every month. This is usually followed by a retention phase to anchor the moved teeth in their new positions. You will also undergo thorough professional teeth cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis) at every appointment, to ensure that your gums stay healthy throughout the treatment span.

Metal Braces

These are the wires and braces in their most traditional form, as we all know them. At Dental Trends, we employ advanced Pre-Formed Edgewise Brackets and high quality straight wires to apply controlled forces on your teeth to delicately guide them into alignment. The result is a perfect, healthy and functional smile that can be maintained forever! One word of caution though, they may not be suitable to you if you suffer from sensitivity to nickel. Fear not, we have other options to tackle these situations, too. Read on to find out.

Ceramic Braces

Imagine undergoing Orthodontic Treatment without all the metal showing through when you smile. With ceramic braces at Dental Trends, people will be hard pressed to tell you are wearing braces at all. The only thing they will notice is the smile that goes on getting more and more perfect! Ceramic braces not only look better, they are also easier to maintain and don’t accumulate food as much as metal braces. They are the perfect solution for patients who are allergic to nickel, and hence cannot get metal braces.

Lingual Braces

As an adult with high aesthetic demand, it may often be a bit embarrassing if people found out that you are wearing braces. “Braces? At this age?” Going a step ahead of ceramic braces, lingual braces are completely hidden as they are placed on the inner side of your teeth. Even we will be hard pressed to tell if you are wearing them if we didn’t know beforehand! Lingual braces are the perfect solution to straighten your teeth in a totally aesthetic way both during and after treatment.


Invsible braces or Invisalign is a technology that employs a series of clear removable trays that gradually shift your teeth into alignment. It represents a novel and cosmetic approach to teeth straightening in cases of mild malocclusions. We invite you to avail of this modern and unique treatment modality for tooth straightening at Dental Trends. Find out more at

Six-Month Orthodontics

Don’t want to wait for 2 years to get the perfect smile? You don’t have to. With the latest technology from 6 Month Smiles, NY, USA, Dental Trends can bring about magical transformation in your smile and confidence. Especially aimed at adult population who needs braces, but is too short on time, this newest modality works wonders for correcting minor irregularities in front teeth. Find more information at

Adult Orthodontics

Who said orthodontic treatment is only for kids and youngsters? We certainly didn’t! Your smile is an important asset, regardless of your age. A well-aligned smile boosts your confidence and self-image. It can be that one thing that you need to push through today’s competitive world. At Dental Trends, we employ specialized procedures and modalities to subtly nudge your teeth into aesthetic positions in minimal time. We also understand the importance of keeping the treatment a secret that only you and we know. That’s why our adult teeth straightening options focus on keeping the devices hidden and highlight the results to the world.

Removable and Myofunctional Orthodontics

Sometimes all it takes to correct the position of your teeth is a simple removable acrylic plate that you can wear for a certain period of time. Designed to take advantage of growth spurts, these appliances are aimed at correcting Dental and skeletal discrepancies when the bodies are at their responsive best. Removable orthodontics offers the advantage of easier maintenance of oral hygiene. Careful case selection and treatment planning are the crucial aspects before we undertake this option.

Guided Tooth Development for Kids

At times, if the milk teeth don’t fall in time, they can come in the way of good alignment of permanent teeth. It is possible to guide the development of kids’ teeth in some cases so that a long term orthodontic therapy may be avoided in the future. This treatment involves strategically timed atraumatic extractions of deciduous teeth to provide space for eruption of permanent teeth. All it takes is a consultation with our Orthodontist who will assess your child’s dentition to decide if this is necessary and feasible in his or her case. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Do not hesitate to give your child the gift of a perfectly aligned, confident smile, right from the young years.