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Removable Prosthodontics (Partial and Complete Dentures)

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Removable prostheses, as opposed to fixed prostheses, are designed such that they can be removed, at will, by the patient. Complete dentures are made for patients who have no teeth at all whereas Partial dentures are made when some of the patient’s teeth are to be replaced.

As a rule, fixed prostheses are always given a preference over removable prostheses provided that the overall conditions in the oral cavity are favorable to support a fixed bridge. Fixed replacements are more patient friendly, do not hamper speech, and are more comfortable to eat with since they take support from adjacent teeth. Removable prostheses involve an adjustment period as far as speech is concerned since part of the denture spans across the palate. You will slowly get used to the additional bulk that is inherent in a removable denture. Also, since removable dentures derive their support from the gums covering the arches, and not from teeth; they may not feel as stable as fixed bridges, during chewing.

That being said, there are always occasions when these removable dentures are indicated and may, in fact, be the treatment of choice in certain special conditions.

Cast Partial Dentures

These dentures have a framework made of cast metal, and have acrylic in the area replacing the missing teeth. The presence of metal framework allows the denture to be slim, yet sturdy. These are designed using sound biomechanical principles and are hence more stable, retentive and comfortable.

The presence of metal enables transmission of heat or cold, so that you may enjoy your morning cup of coffee better!

Acrylic Partial Dentures

These partial dentures have acrylic teeth set on an acrylic plate. As they are economical, non invasive, and not so time consuming, they are meant to serve as an interim treatment option till a more comprehensive treatment can be planned accounting for the patient’s time and financial constraints.

They take support from the underlying bone and gums covering them and partly from the remaining teeth. They are retained with the help of metal clasps, which may lead to metal display especially if the front teeth are involved. Newer esthetic options such as flexible dentures with resin clasps can be used for better patient acceptance.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible denture base material is a nylon based (polyamide) thermoplastic denture base material. Patients show excellent compliance as there is no metal display. Material being soft and strong can be made thinner and are light in weight compared to conventional dentures. Being flexible, the denture base adapts well even in irregular or undercut areas. This reduces post insertion complaints of denture induced trauma (ulceration).

However, these dentures are best used as interim dentures.

Complete Dentures

With the focus now on preservation of teeth for as long as possible, complete dentures are done only when the remaining dentition is non-salvageable and has a poor prognosis. Complete dentures, as the name suggests, are made for patients who have no remaining natural teeth. At Dental Trends, we offer a range of treatment options and materials that are sure to make you look forward to your new set of teeth.

Afraid that your denture will let you down when in the company of others? Our denture specialist will ensure that you never have to worry about it. Our aim is to make the treatment enjoyable and to educate you about what to expect so that the uncertainty and anxiety that is so commonly associated with complete dentures will no longer exist.

Immediate Dentures

At Dental Trends, we understand that you may have social obligations which mandate that you never be seen without teeth. We offer immediate dentures for such patients. These can be inserted on the very same day that your natural teeth are removed, so that you do not have to be embarrassed and feel conscious.

Another great advantage with these dentures is that if there’s anything that you do not like about your natural teeth-be it their positioning, shade or shape; you can always let us know and we’ll be happy to help! The immediate denture so made will allow you to see for yourself how your appearance can be enhanced and as these dentures are meant for a short period of 6 months, we can carry forward and further improvise in the final denture.


When there are a few teeth present that are reasonably healthy and are in strategic configuration, these may be used as structures to lend better support and proprioception to your denture. Such overdentures go a long way in adding to patient comfort.