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“I fractured my front tooth just a day before Diwali when a bicycler lost his balance and ended up hitting me on my face. More than the pain, I was hurt because the fractured tooth was a total disaster to happen with my smile. Dr. Aashutosh and Dr. Anita made sure that I am relieved of my pain immediately, AND, I went back home with my smile restored to its original beauty on the SAME day. The cosmetic filling done in my tooth blends so well that I have forgotten that my very front tooth had broken badly. I’m really glad I got my treatment done at Dental Trends!”

P.S.: The picture that you see of me is taken AFTER the filling is done. I bet you can’t identify which tooth was broken!”

Shefali Vichare, College Student

“I had got root canal done in one of my teeth before moving to U.S.. Unfortunately, it was not done properly and the tooth started giving me trouble. Since the trouble had recurred even after the root canal treatment was repeated twice. I was sure I wanted to get that tooth extracted and that was why I had come to Dr. Aashutosh and Dr. Anita Karnik. Both so young, I was not sure of they could handle my situation as the so-called ‘experienced’ and ‘best’ dentist had messed up with my tooth. But they proved me wrong. Dr. Aashutosh not only convinced me to keep the tooth, but also ensured that we finish the treatment within 7 days as I wanted to go back to U.S.. I’m very happy that I came across Dr. Karnik and would highly recommend them to any one.

What a pair! You guys complement each other at work. I am happy that I met you!


Rupesh Bhoje, Entrepreneur

“I love coming to Dental Trends because Dr. Aashutosh, Dr. Anita and Dr. Parag – my pedodontist – are very nice. The clinic is very pretty.
I had pain in my tooth and I was scared of going to the dentist. But Dental Trends is very nice. The doctors took the bugs out of my tooth and gave me a nice cap. I can now eat well.

The doctors also taught me how to brush my teeth.

Thank you.”

Arya Bhatkhande, School going Student