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Exodontia and Oral Surgery (Wisdom Tooth Removal)

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Is it possible to get teeth extracted in a painless manner? Well, mostly, yes! At Dental Trends, we employ the latest techniques and combine them with the time tested “TLC” – tender loving care – to make tooth extractions as pain free as is possible.

Third Molar Extractions

Third molars, also called the wisdom teeth – although they have nothing to do with wisdom – erupt at an age between 18 to 35 years. Occasionally, these teeth do not have space to erupt completely or erupt in awkward directions. At such times, you may have a small flap of gums covering the incompletely erupted tooth. A lot of food may get trapped under the flap, giving rise to swelling, pain and difficulty in opening mouth. This condition is called ‘pericoronitis’.

It may be then deemed necessary, after clinical and x-ray examination to extract these teeth. At times, these teeth are extracted using a minor surgical procedure called Impaction Surgery. Our expert Oral Surgeon will make sure that the procedure is a breeze for you.


Cancerous and precancerous conditions, mucocutaneous conditions and other lesions may, from time to time, require a small surgical investigation called Biopsy, which involves taking a small bit of tissue and sending it to a pathologist for examination under microscope. At Dental Trends, biopsies for small oral lesions are taken if it is deemed necessary, to determine the exact type of pathology that we may be dealing with.

Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

Our Oral Surgeons also carry out minor oral surgical procedures like enucleation of cysts and removal of small tumours as in-house procedures, if the difficulty level is not very high. We may, however, decide to refer you to a bigger facility if greater surgical risk is anticipated.